Redesigning a website: Naked Adventure

Yet another one of my projects, Naked Adventure, grew too outdated to support it. I had to rewrite it from scratch.

I took the opportunity to redesign it as well. (screenshots before & after at the bottom)

Here's an overview of what I did:

  • replaced my abandoned framework Micrus v4 • Beauty of simplicity with Symfony 5,
  • based the project on Avris Booster: Quick start of new projects, to take advantage of built-in features: user management (including a passwordless approach to authentication – Passwords are passé), push notifications, etc.
  • replaced custom Assetic setup with Webpack Encore,
  • updated Bootstrap from 3.0 to 4.4,
  • added more contrast to the design, filled the excess of white spaces with content, making filters and maps more prominent,
  • replaced Google Maps with Apple Maps, because of privacy concerns (see: Ungoogling, Log out for privacy) – the website is now officially Google-free,
  • removed a couple of unnecessary and unused features:
    • the homepage (now the user is shown the map right away – after all, the map is the whole point of the project),
    • the ”geographic” links (there's no separate map of e.g. German nude beaches anymore, it got integrated into the main map),
    • separate events section (now they show up together with places on the same map),
    • forum (it wasn't used at all),
    • admin panel (now the buttons for admins are just integrated across the website),
  • improved filters (for instance added filtering by name and location),
  • the process of submission of new steps isn't split into steps anymore: place info, review and description are finally just one single form,
  • included some more optimisations.



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Hi! I'm Andrea (they/them). I tell computers what to do, both for a living and for fun, I'm also into blogging, writing and photography. I'm trying to make the world just a little bit better: more inclusive, more rational and more just.

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Wreszcie. Wziąłem się do roboty i przepisałem od zera kod mojego blogaska. Zupełnie nowy design, nowy framework, Micrus, lepsze wsparcie dla wersji językowych, parę nowych ficzerów w panelu administracyjnym, rzucenie własnego systemu komentarzy na rzecz zajebistości Disqusa, rzucenie TinyMCE dla piękna i prostoty Markdownu. Zajęło to sporo pracy, ale zdecydowanie było warto!

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Yet another one of my projects, Avi • Simple placeholder avatars, grew too outdated to support it. I had to rewrite it from scratch.

I took the opportunity to redesign it as well.

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