hello! 👋 my name is andrea.

welcome to my personal part of the internet!

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about me

i make my living by telling machines what to do.
👩‍💻 software engineer
and in my free time, well, i do the same… it's fun!
⛱️ ️ coding enthusiast
i also write things other than code sometimes.
💬 blogger✍ amateur writer
i'm 🇪🇺 european, currently living in 🇳🇱 delft.
🌍 globalist🕊 pacifist
i'm trying to change the world for even a bit better.
🗣️ activist
i'm fascinated by languages and i speak a few.
👄 polyglot
i love people regardless of their gender
🏳️‍🌈 pan(rE3)
and without making a fuss about exclusivity.
💞 poly
i think gender norms are just awful and i hate them.
🏳️‍⚧️ agender ( 🇬🇧 they🇵🇱 onu🇩🇪 xier🇳🇱 hen🇪🇸 elle– more info )
same goes for all mythologies.
⚛ atheist🧠 rationalist
oh, and i'm not too fond of wearing clothes either.
🍑 naturist
















...and more


Kolektyw „Rada Języka Neutralnego”

  • Activist
  • Remote
  • Volunteer activism work in the area of promoting gender neutral language and nonbinary language, with the focus on Polish.
  • Created the website zaimki.pl / pronouns.page, both backend and frontend, using Node, Vue, Nuxt. The website is reaching 500k+ weekly pageviews and 300k+ registered users.
  • Managed the server for the project, including optimisation for rapidly increasing load while keeping it affordable for a non-profit collective.
  • Coordinated creation of 9+ language versions, including RTL support and a switch for simplified vs. traditional Chinese.
  • Co-run the social media platforms of the project.
  • Organised the work and the internal affairs of the collective.
  • Represented the group in the national and foreign media, including Newsweek and Queer.pl.
  • Conducted multiple lectures and webinars about gender neutral and nonbinary language.
  • Consulted on multiple academic papers and on translations of “singular they/them” into Polish (including for the game “Bugsnax”).
  • Performed the first large-scale study of nonbinary language among Polish speakers (2211 valid responses).
  • Created a Twitter bot: @CalendarQueer
  • Designed the logo of the collective.

ShaleProfile B.V.

  • Systems Architect
  • Rotterdam
  • Performed an evaluation of various ETL tools in terms of relevance for our usecase.
  • Rewrote from scratch and modernised a set of ETL processes from Quintiq & PowerShell to Python3.
  • Optimised the processes for performance (for example a semi-manual import of Texas data that took a week to run is now fully automated and takes less than a day).
  • Implemented an application to schedule, monitor and alert about problems within the internal processes.
  • Managed the company infrastructure on AWS.
  • Implemented a distributed file downloader in the cloud.
  • Conducted technical job interviews.
  • Built a 3D map of geological formations in Texas using IDW interpolation.
  • Implemented a Decline Curve Analysis prediction of well production.
  • Created a system to manage and benchmerk multiple machine learning and time series analysis models to predict future well production.
  • Performed hardware maintenance tasks on the on-premises server.
  • Created an automated backup system of all parts of our architecture.
  • Created a serverless monitoring system of all parts of our architecture.
  • Built a system for fetching, OCR-ing, parsing and analysing directional surveys.
  • Re-wrote the most time- and memory-sensitive parts of the ETL system to C#.

Semigator GmbH

  • Full-stack Software Engineer
  • Berlin
  • Responsible for maintenance of a legacy CodeIgniter codebase and gradually transitioning it (using a reversed proxy) to a modern, testable Symfony 4 application following the clean code practices.
  • Maintained and improved the servers' configuration (Debian, Apache, nginx, PHP, MySQL, ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ, Salt) using Ansible.
  • Worked on bringing the platform to the cloud using AWS and moving towards continued deployment and trunk based development.
  • Implemented a centralised feature toggles service for a distributed system.
  • Worked agile in a scrum framework.
  • Took part in the recruitment process for new hires for the company.

Rocket Internet SE

  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Berlin
  • Developed internal project skeleton “Skyrocket”, intended to quick-start new businesses. The skeleton included a CMS, cart, checkout flow, payments, RESTful API, admin panel, and statemachine.
  • Collaborated with a team to build ventures such as Vendomo, Zinsgold, and Campsy, and provided support for Shopwings and Caterwings.
  • Developed an image manipulation script for picture framing previews.
  • Developed connectors for many external APIs, such as Podio, Cloudinary, XCOM, IDnow, Salesforce, and Bilendo.
  • Awarded Best Overall Hack prize at the Rocket Gaming Hackathon (Unity3d).
  • Maintained Podio integration and updated it to a new API version module by module without affecting the live version.
  • Implemented a complex price calculation + search algorithm for Campsy, preserving high optimization in terms of speed.
  • Implemented a flow for investing in fixed-term deposit, including the bank communication integration via XCOM and online identity confirmation via IDnow.
  • Refactored legacy code, including seamlessly moving the entire Phalcon application to Symfony3.
  • Implemented an application for the invoice management (sync between Salesforce and Bilendo).

Visual Reporting.dk

  • Backend Developer
  • Szczecin
  • Developed an interactive JavaScript solution for presenting and manipulating complex tree data.
  • Developed a centralized message handler for monitoring and reacting to input from multiple clients.
  • Developed an AngularJS module to validate and display a website's trustworthiness via an external provider.
  • Created a web scraper and lead crawler based on checking the website's HTTP status, querying for DNS records and scraping screenshots using Selenium.
  • Developed an internal sprint management tool, integrating with Redmine and Toggl.
  • Created a tool for bulk management of phone call logs.

Dige Interactive Agency

  • Backend Developer
  • Szczecin
  • Maintained and developed multiple loyalty programs for the employees of Santander Consumer Bank. Functionalities included points management, shop, admin panel, mass SMS and email communication, bulk data import and export, etc.
  • Executed a seamless transition to a new edition of the program.
  • Developed a loyalty program for a restaurant chain, including a REST API for mobile apps.
  • Supported and maintained a recruitment platform for the University of Szczecin.
  • Supported a couple of Drupal-based websites.

West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin

  • Engineer studies in the field computer science
  • Szczecin
  • 4th place in the 6th edition of Szczecin GameDev Talents competition (for a game written in OpenGL and C++)
  • Thesis project: "A Web-based Implementation of an Interactive HDR Image Viewer". The back-end was written in C#. I implemented an algorithm that renders HDR images based on input parameters such as gamma and dynamic range. The front-end side is in HTML+Sass+JS as a custom jQuery extension. Intended for use by the faculty staff to educate students about how HDR images work.