Log out for privacy

An image search brought be to Pinterest, which automatically… logged me in to an old account, I didn’t even remember I had. I definitely never logged in on this browser.

They just logged me in without asking. WTF?!

Seems like they use a “Login with Facebook” button as a script that shares cookies with the facebook.com domain, basically giving them access to each other and letting a third-party website know my FB account before I use it to log in!

I’ve stopped using FB over two years ago, removed most of my personal data, and I only go there when I need to contact someone and have no other option.

I’ve only now realised that’s not nearly enough to protect my privacy. FB keeps lurking on you even on unrelated websites.

So I’ve logged out of Facebook. And removed all their cookies. And removed the damn Pinterest account.

And after I move some stuff out of Google ecosystem, I’m going to log out from it as well. They’re even worse at respecting user’s privacy 🤮

All the giants thinking you have a right to track me wherever I go online: fuck you all 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

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Depending on one company with all of your data is pretty risky. Even if we ignore the obvious privacy concerns of when some corporation knows everything about you... Just imagine what would happen to you personally, if one day that corporation would just... disappear for whatever reason. Say, Google gets a huge fine from the European Commission for one of their monopolistic practices or shitting on their users’ privacy, and turns out they don’t recover from that. How screwed are you?

One day you lose your emails, photos, passwords, documents, notes, calendar, what else?

So, recently I decided to diversify my technical dependencies. Not to boycott Google completely, but to at least use it less.

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I used to run a couple of Facebook fanpages. One of them was shut down three times, apparently for being homophobic. It was quite the opposite, actually. The name could be confusing, because it was a word play on the Polish word for “faggot” and a name of a Polish gossip portal. But the content was specifically anti-homophobic! It was a rainbow meme aggregator, basically a gay version of 9gag.

But the thing is, I can only assume why did people report my fanpage and why did moderators remove it. Did someone just assume it’s homophobic without actually checking it out? Or quite the opposite: did someone consider homosexuality an abomination and just reported everything that’s even remotely gay? I’ll never know. The only thing Facebook bothered to tell me is that “I’ve abused the Community Standards”. I’ve read them thoroughly and there was no abuse of them from my side.

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