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Log out for privacy


An image search brought be to Pinterest, which automatically… logged me in to an old account, I didn’t even remember I had. I definitely never logged in on this browser.

The just logged me in without asking. WTF?!

Seems like they use a “Login with Facebook” button as a script that shares cookies with the facebook.com domain, basically giving them access to each other and letting a third-party website know my FB account before I use it to log in!

I’ve stopped using FB over two years ago, removed most of my personal data, and I only go there when I need to contact someone and have no other option.

I’ve only now realised that’s not nearly enough to protect my #privacy. FB keeps lurking on you even on unrelated websites.

So I’ve logged out of Facebook. And removed all their cookies. And removed the damn Pinterest account.

And after I move some stuff out of Google ecosystem, I’m going to log out from it as well. They’re even worse at respecting user’s privacy 🤮

All the giants thinking you have a right to track me wherever I go online: fuck you all 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕


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