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mySN.de / Schenker – there's a part three after all 🙄

I've already complained about my mySN laptop here and here, but now it turns out, there's a part three to be written...

Long story short, my main complaint (among many others) was this:

The charger would just disconnect randomly. Then connect back after a couple of minutes. Then disconnect again. One day it was better, the other it was worse. I almost didn’t use it on battery anymore, for fear I would drain it and then not be able to charge it back.

So basically: now it started happening again 🙄

I'm planning to get a new laptop anyway, a decent one this time, but it's super annoying that it had to happen now, when I still have to wait a few weeks until Apple releases their new MacBooks Pro.

I do need to vent, though... So here we go: