/ Schenker – a bittersweet ending of a horrible customer service

The story I described in here finally has a bittersweet ending – I finally got my computer back! After over two months, after lots of stress and fighting, and after having paid them 130€ (only 25% of what they first requested, but still 100% more than I should have paid)...

Yup, I filed the complaint on February the 4th, and got the computer back on April the 6th – and in the meanwhile they where late for every single deadline they had set for themselves. Every email I got sounded like they knew they’re wrong, but they are desperately trying to save their faces and their money.

They were obviously quite worried about me telling my story online and posting it all over the social media (and rightly so, they are a small company, and my husband has a “Local Guide” status on Google Maps, so his review single-handedly lowered their score by half a star!).

So I guess it’s only fair to present on the same blog the rest of the story, how they handled the situation and how they found a “common solution”. Here we go:

Is it just me, or does it sound really insolent and passive-aggressive? Anyways, here’s my response:

And their response:

Note, how they completely ignored my request for Gewährleistung. So I asked again:

No response for whopping eight days. And then just:

Finally, after 3,5 weeks (2 was promissed), they presented me an offer:

So, let me get this straight: they claim it’s all absolutelly, totally my fault, and that’s why they will do everything they possibly can to make me pay as little as possible (yet not nothing)? Yeah, right, it makes so much sense...

They made the Vorlieferant replace the motherboard for half the price, they covered a half of the rest themselves and also the delivery costs – all because I “mechanically” broke my laptop and they are not responsible at all. Ha. Ha. Ha.

But anyways, I obviously had enough at that point. The stress of losing your computer when you’re a software developer, and also of being charged 520€ for the crappiness of their product, especially now of all times when I also got a back payment for rent, some medical bills and was preparing a wedding – the stress was just too huge. That’s why 130€ was an amount that I was willing to pay for the fix, even though I still didn’t agree with their version.

So there we were – the transfer was made right away, received the next day, and they promissed to process everything within two weeks.

It took them three (March 15th – April 5th). Late again.

But the next day my computer was back home. I’m like after a really bad dream – not happy, just glad it’s finally over.

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