/ Schenker – kurwa mać! 😠

I’ve bought my laptop from / Schenker Technologies. It seemed like a good idea at the time. But it definitely was not. I feel scammed by them, I feel treated like trash by them. Their customer service is unprofessional, their hardware is crap and they don’t even seem to know what they have in storage and how much do their parts cost. Seriously!

Here’s my story in short:

I’ve ordered my laptop on 13.07.2017. Apparently they didn’t even start processing that order for almost a week, not even check if they have all the parts, because on 19.07 they wrote me that they don’t have any keyboards with US layout, would I be fine with UK?

Well, it’s unprofessional and mildly annoying, but I was in fact fine with UK-layout. I have pointed them out though, that for other parts their website is able to show “not available in stock, foreseen waiting time ...”, so how come they aren’t able to keep that info up to date? They did update the website, but didn’t bother to answer my email.

The next day I got another email. This time they couldn’t find the RAM I had ordered. Again, I was fine with the replacement, but why the hell didn’t they check it earlier?

I was exchanging emails like those back and forth with them. But finally, I got my computer, though after way too much waiting and stress...

It worked fine, I didn’t complain. Well, except about the speakers – the sound quality is just awful... And then it started going bad.

The charger would just disconnect randomly. Then connect back after a couple of minutes. Then disconnect again. One day it was better, the other it was worse. I almost didn’t use it on battery anymore, for fear I would drain it and then not be able to charge it back.

But I didn’t send it to warranty repair yet, because I really needed to have my laptop and use it. The problem with charger was very annoying and worrying, but I could live with it for a while.

But after ~ 2 weeks something happened. When I unplugged the charger, the pin from the socket inside of the computer got snapped off somehow (!) and stayed inside the charger. What the fuck!?

The socket is an elongated tube with the pin fully inside it, not sticking out and only accessible at 90°. How on Earth could I create such damage but normal usage, if they socket weren’t defective in the first place?

According to a friend who’s an expert in computer repairs it’s not possible. But doesn’t give a crap.

They told me that in case of “mechanical damage” I would have to pay for the repair myself. And they didn’t say how much. And they required me to send the computer in the original packing – which I didn’t keep and which they don’t require in the terms of warranty. And they required my password.

After my angry email they changed the “mechanical damage” to “violent abuse” – and since there was none, I think I shouldn’t be charged. They estimated the cost of a new motherboard (!) to be around 300-350€. Yup, they don’t know how much their own parts cost, they can just estimate it ±50€. They also said that original packing isn’t required after all, they just say so bacause of reasons. And that my password isn’t required either, they just say so bacause of reasons.

I’ve spent a week, without a computer, just exchanging emails with them, because every one of them took them at least 24h to respond to. They also sent me a link to DHL Retoure Service for... Austria (I live in Germany). Again, Schenker/mySN shows how unprofessional they are.

Finally, I’ve managed to send my computer to them. Two days after they received it, I got an email: “Sorry, you’ll have to pay for it. How much? We’ll tell you soon”.

“Soon” meant the next day. Turns out the motherboard costs 449€, not “around 300-350€”. Plus service fee, plus courier back – 520€ in total.

That’s close to a half of the original price. How on Earth am I supposed not to feel scammed by mySN/Schenker? It is definitely the worst customer experience I’ve ever had – top to bottom: hardware quality, customer service, professionalism, warranty, everything sucks.

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