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Leave the Catholic Church before condemning homosexuality

You don't get to bitch about those guys having sex, if you support an organisation that protects pedophiles.

I’m sick and tired of biggots treating me hatefully because of my sexual orientation.

Especially, if they are catholic. Why? Because they have even less of a moral highground than the other biggots. Here’s the logic:

  1. Homosexual sex between consenting adults, even if it were somehow immoral, cannot possibly be considered more immoral than pedophilia – one of the worst crimes one could commit.
  2. Therefore it would be hypocritical to strongly condemn homosexuality and deny LGBTQ people their civil rights, if you didn’t fight even more strongly against pedophilia.
  3. Countless priests of the Catholic Church all around the world have been proven to have committed the crime of pedophilia.
  4. Catholic bishops, including bishops of Rome (popes), have been systematically covering up such cases.
  5. While pt. 3 doesn’t mean at all that the whole institution of the Catholic Church is evil and accepting of pedophiles, pt. 4 undeniably does.
  6. Part of the Credo is “I believe in one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church”.
  7. A pedophile cannot be considered “holy”, and the same goes for a person who covers for them, and the same goes for the whole organisation that has been and still is covering cases of pedophilia, especially if doing so from such low motives as PR.
  8. Therefore: the Catholic Church is not holy.
  9. Therefore: it is not the real, “one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church”
  10. The very least a member of the Catholic Church could do to fight the pedophilia crisis within it, is to leave that organisation, since it’s not the real Church of Christ anyway.
  11. Therefore: a person, who still remains a member of the Catholic Church has no moral highground to condemn homosexuals or deprive LGBTQ people of their rights.



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