Conservatives, get naked!

I’ve recently realised that many conservative catchphrases can be answered with a simple challenge: “get naked then!”. How come?

God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!

Sure, let’s assume he did. But he also created them naked, didn’t he? And he saw that it was very good. If we’re supposed to live our lives according to your ancient fairy tale, why don’t you set an example and remove your clothes?

If you used “Adam and Eve” argument to abuse gay people, chances are you’re a prude that cannot wrap their head around an idea of non-sexual nudity and that would consider it immodest and sinful. But hey, that’s how your god created you! Either that’s what he wants us to wear, or nudity is sinful, chose one!

It’s not natural!

Gay people should not get married, because “what they do is unnatural”? Well, aren’t your clothes either? As well as your laptop, smartphone, washing machine? If you care so much about “being natural” and want to regulate other people’s lives based on your definition of “natural”, why don’t you go natural/naturist first? And Amish, of course...

Isn’t it funny how homosexuality has been discovered in over 500 animal species – and is somehow considered “unnatural”, while we’re the only animal that obsessively covers its genitals – and bigots are fine with that?

That’s sick! Why do you dress up as a woman?

And why do you dress up as a man? Just because you have a penis, you’re supposed to wear pants and a suit, but not a dress or make-up? Where did that logic come from?

If you were born a couple of centuries earlier, you might be wearing high heels and colour pink – and consider that very manly. Seriously, google it.

What we wear depending on our gender is determined by arbitrary social trends, that’s it. It’s a stupid, made-up rule that your bigoted ass tries to present as “universal”, “objective”, “absolute” necessity.

We’re all born naked, and the rest is drag. So either let that trans*/drag person wear whatever the fuck they want to wear, or prove to us your devotion to what’s natural, what we’re born as, what god wants us to be – and get rid of your clothes. Otherwise, you’re just a damn hypocrite.

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Herzlich Willkommen bei Naked Adventure, deine Portalseite für aktuelle von der Gemeinschaft gelenkte Information rund um FKK! @NakedAdventurEu

Let’s create a map of the best nudist places!

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Stwórzmy mapę najlepszych miejsc naturystycznych!

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Restroom sign: Whatever, just wash your hands

At first I didn’t really think about it. It was yet another thing that my parents taught me and I just accepted. Boys and girls need to have separate toilets and locker rooms, so that the boys wouldn’t do nasty things to the girls. Simple.

But one day a cleaning lady came in to the boys’ locker room. And one day a female teacher come in. How come? Why can they see half-naked boys, while our female classmates cannot? That got me thinking and trying to find any sense in that.

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Gus Kenworthy naked in snow

Step 1: Get naked.

Step 2: Enjoy!

Me at Halensee

Ich liebe, wie die Deutschen nicht prüde sind, wenn es um Nacktheit geht. Sie haben sogar eine Dating-Show, wo man ein Date nur darauf basierend auswählt, wie es nackt aussieht – und es gibt fast keine Kontroverse deswegen. Sie haben die Nacktheit sogar zum eine Art der Kultur gebracht – es nennt sich zwar FKK, Freikörperkultur.

Ich habe es immer genossen, nackt zu sein, sei es mit anderen Leuten oder nicht. Und von dem, was ich gehört habe, für einem FKKler gibt es nur wenige (oder keine) besseren Länder zu leben als Deutschland. Aber trotzdem gibt es einige Dinge, die ich nicht mag...

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Me at Halensee

I love how the Germans are non-prudish when it comes to nudity. They even have a dating show, where people choose their dates solely based on how they look naked – and it sparks next to no controversy at all. They’ve even created a kind of culture around being naked – that’s actually how they call it in German: FKK, Freikörperkultur, Free Body Culture.

I’ve always enjoyed being naked, be it with other people or not. And from what I’ve heard, for a nudist there are very few (or no) better countries to live than Germany. But still, there are some things that annoy me about it...

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There’s obviously a big taboo around nudity. And I don’t think it makes much sense. Our norms regarding nakedness seem quite arbitrary...

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World Naked Bike Ride Amsterdam 2018

Yeah, you have some cool photos... But do you have a photo of yourself biking naked in front of the Iamsterdam sign in the centre of Amsterdam? 😄

It was definitelly the craziest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life – and I enjoyed every single second of it!

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@PoddanyKorony on Twitter:

It might be obvious for most people, (you know, those who know the meaning of words), but apparently, judging from the tweet above and the answers to it, (where Polish right-wingers show WNBR as an example of how the LGBTQ community has “deprived” the West), some people still confuse naturism with exhibitionism and they think that it’s gay...

Well, here’s why it’s neither of those things:

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@PoddanyKorony on Twitter:

Być może dla wielu jest to oczywiste, (dla tych, którzy znają znaczenia słów), ale sądząc po tweetach z prawej strony, niektórzy mieszają naturyzm z ekshibicjonizmem, i myślą, że WNBR to przykład tego jak społeczność LGBTQ seksualnie deprawuje Zachód...

Well, naturyzm nie jest ani ekshibicjonizmem, ani domeną homoseksualistów, a oto dlaczego:

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Naturyzm nie jest wyłącznie hasaniem sobie nago po plaży, nie ma też wiele wspólnego z seksem. Naturyzm jest filozofią, jest kulturą, jest stylem życia. Jest podejściem do natury, do innych ludzi, ale także do samego siebie. Jest ucieleśnieniem żądzy wolności. Wolność to to, o co w tym wszystkim chodzi. Choćby nawet i symbolicznie.

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