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    Need to send someone a nicely formatted text accessible via a simple link? Look no further. Simply add text, headers, images, tables, videos, quotes, code, etc. – and publish it with one click.


    No need to run a blog or have a social media account – using showr you can put content on the Internet without registering, and just post the link wherever and however you want.

    With a self-destruct...

    Sometimes you want things to be more volatile. Showr lets you set a time limit and limit of unique visitors – after either of them is reached, your content will just self-destruct.
    SUML logo

    YAML gets praised for being clear and human readable, but it’s also criticised for being ambiguous.

    SUML is an attempt to keep the good things about YAML but remove its ambiguity and needless complexity.

    SUML documentation SUML implementation in PHP SUML support for Symfony SUML implementation in JavaScript SUML Webpack Loader
    Block Checker screenshot

    Check how many people you blocked on Twitter and compare yourself to others.

    A simple file synchronisation tool using avris-fs.

    Warning! It’s a very early version! Conflict handling is not implemented, so only use it when you can safely assume often synchronisations/rare conflicts/versioning on the remote, etc.

    Continue reading… npm: avris-sync

    A filesystem management abstraction layer for JavaScript. Manage files on local filesystem, on FTP server, on Amazon S3, etc. all through the same interface.

    Warning! It’s a very early version!

    Continue reading… npm: avris-fs
    Avris GraphqlBundle

    Simplify Graphql configuration using plain methods with typehints and annotations.

    This bundle is a wrapper on webonyx/graphql-php.

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    (~3 min read)

    Use this library to run any process in the background without blocking the console. It will start a child process, detach it, and save its PID to a file in order to be able to stop it later.

    npm: avris-daemonise
    Avris Dojo

    A Coding Dojo is a great way to practise programming, test-driven development, teamwork, pair programming and problem solving. Avris Dojo provides an easy way to synchronise your dojo codebase with your teammates.

    jQuery used to be virtually indispensable, if you wanted to develop a cross-browser website without getting a headache.

    Today, however, you might not need jQuery, especially, if you’re developing a library and want to avoid unnecessary dependencies.

    Still, some helpers could be useful... Vanillin is an opinionated set of helpers that I find most useful, a bare minimum to make life easier.

    npm: avris-vanillin

    A Chrome extension that replaces “Donald Trump” on all websites with “Twitler”.

    Chrome Extension

    A framework doesn’t have to be overly complex! Micrus provides you with a quick, easy and comfortable way of creating neatly structured, modular MVC websites, which can be easily extended and configured.

    Our goal is to keep the framework as simple as possible, while offering all the most important features.

    Forms are complicated. There are many things you must take into consideration: binding an existing object (if any) to each sparate field of the form, validating them after user has submited the form, if invalid redisplaying it with POST data bound and with validation errors, binding the data back to an object...

    Avris Forms add an abstraction layer that handles all of that. You just need to define the list of fields you need and their cofiguration options. You’ll get an object that will handle everything for you. Just handle it in the controller and display it in the view.

    HTTP Request/Response abstraction

    An extension to Avris Localisator and Avris Stringer introducing support for the Polish language.

    A Chrome extension that lets you download images and videos by just Ctrl+Alt+Clicking on them.

    Chrome Extension
    Avris Bag

    Avris Bag is a set of helpers that make working with arrays in PHP way easier.

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    (~4 min read)

    A musical competition, in which the managers lead their countries every week to a fight for a title of the best song.

    Konkurs muzyczny, w którym menadżerowie prowadzący wybrane przez siebie kraje z całego świata co tydzień rywalizują o miano najlepszego utworu.
    Avris FunctionMock

    FunctionMock is a simple and elegant way to mock away system/global functions in your tests.

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