Frische Luft in Berliner S+U-Bahnhöfe

Frische Luft in Berliner S+U-Bahnhöfe: 31% Stickstoff, 19% Sauerstoff, 50% Zigarettenrauch

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Hi! I'm Andrea (they/them). I tell computers what to do, both for a living and for fun, I'm also into blogging, writing and photography. I'm trying to make the world just a little bit better: more inclusive, more rational and more just.

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I’ve had enough of Germany. I know, I know, it’s given me opportunities that I could never expect in my homeland of Poland, I’ve spent amazing three years here, I married the love of my life here... But now it’s not time for good stuff. Now it’s time for a complaint.

Here’s (some of) the reasons why I want to move out from this country.

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...dann warum, zum Teufel, raucht man da?

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