Nobody farts in the tube... why the hell does anyone smoke there?

Some Berliners don’t seem to give a damn about the smoking ban in the tube stations. Others don’t smoke themselves, but they fiercely defend the smokers, if you dare to reprimand them. Even though it’s forbidden (and it’s Germany, for fuck’s sake!), I’ve never seen anyone being fined for blowing those stinky, toxic fumes into people’s faces. But apparently they would only have to cough up mere 15€ anyway. Is that a joke?

From my point of view, smoking is just like farting. Sure, sometimes you’re forced to do it, be it by physiology or by addiction, but on the other hand you can also hold it for a while and do it in a more appropriate moment. They both stink, they are both unpleasant for the people around you. And smoking is even worse, because of its negative effect on passive smokers’ health.

But can you imagine someone proudly releasing a loud, long fart amid a group of people on the street, bus stop or in a café? Then why the hell is it socially acceptable to release tobacco smoke without caring for who will have to inhale it?

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I need to rant.

I’ve had enough of Germany. I know, I know, it’s given me opportunities that I could never expect in my homeland of Poland, I’ve spent amazing three years here, I married the love of my life here... But now it’s not time for good stuff. Now it’s time for a complaint.

Here’s (some of) the reasons why I want to move out from this country.

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Ich liebe Musik. Ihr bringt mich aber dazu, Musik (verübergehend) zu hassen.

Egal wie schön eures Lied ist, möchte ich lieber meinem Spotify zuhören. Aber ein U-Bahn Wagen ist ein verschlossener Raum, ich kann nicht einfach weg. Wenn ihr Leute so zwingt, eure Musik zu hören, und noch Geld für diese Störung erwartet, nehmt ihr die Schönheit der Musik weg.

Ihr macht keine Musik mehr, sondern ein Lärm. Hört auf!

I love Music. But you make me (temporarily) hate it.

However beautiful your performance is, I’d rather keep doing my own thing and listen to Spotify or something. But a subway car is a closed space, which I cannot just leave. When you guys force me to listen to your music, and even expect money for that disruption, you destroy the beauty of music.

You don’t make music anymore, you make noise. Just stop!

Uwielbiam muzykę. Ale wy sprawiacie, że (tymczasowo) jej nienawidzę.

Jakkolwiek pięknie byście nie grali i śpiewali, wolałbym w spokoju słuchać dalej, czego słucham sobie na słuchawkach. Wagon metra jest zamkniętą przestrzenią, z której nie mogę sobie tak po prostu wyjść. Kiedy tak mnie zmuszacie do słuchania waszych występów, i jeszcze oczekujecie pieniędzy za psucie mi podróży, to niszczycie piękno swojej muzyki.

Już nie tworzycie muzyki, po prostu robicie hałas. Przestańcie!