Pope Francis: I pinky swear, I won't be a criminal anymore!


Pope Francis wrote a letter to all Catholics, in which he vows no more sexual abuse cover-ups. Cool... So when pope does it, it’s called “a Letter to the People of God”? If I vowed not to cover for criminals, it would be called “basic human decency”.

Yeah, nice, you “won’t spare effort to create a culture able to prevent such situations from happening, but also to prevent the possibility of their being covered up and perpetuated”. Let’s be generous and believe you that you really mean it, and that somehow it’s gonna work out... What about all those predators and all those guilty of being an accessory in their crime (including yourself), who have already committed their atrocities? No big words about them, huh? About giving them away? About helping the prosecution?

And most importantly: what about the victims? Saying “sorry” and praying for them doesn’t mean shit. Your Church has thought me about the “5 conditions for a good confession” – wasn’t the last one about reparation? Do fucking anything meaningful to help all those people who your Church has hurt over the decades!

Also, you’re supposed to honestly admit your guilt. Have you? Have you really? You’re saying that “an ecclesial community” was “not where we should have been”. It was not a damn “community”, it was particular priests and bishops raping innocent children, and it was particular bishops and popes who were covering it up, in a manner that would put them in jail if only they were lay people! You’re blurring the responsibility, blaming all the scandals on “the community” or “the culture”... You make me sick!

You’re writing this letter as a response “to new reports of clerical sexual abuse and the ecclesial cover-up of abuse”. To the reports! You’re not responding to the abuse itself. You’re just scared that your buddies got caught! It’s not regret, it’s damage control. There’s no way you didn’t know about the whole thing in advance.

Hardly any other crime is as repulsive and as hurtful as child abuse. Covering up the crimes of pedophiles is just as evil. Every week the public learns about more and more cases, sees more and more evidence that the Catholic Church is basically a huge gang of pedophiles and pedophile-helpers!

Yet somehow it still has over 1.1 billion members worldwide! How the hell is that possible? Do people have absolutely no conscience to tell them that legitimising such a criminal organisation is plain evil? How can they sleep at night, knowing that their collection money might be being spent on moving pedophiles around?

Seriously, dear Catholics, how do you justify being a part of that?

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