The Catholic Church is a pedophile mafia

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I’ve finally seen “Spotlight”. And then, for the first time in my life, I grabbed the first object around and angrily threw it on the floor. And, of course, I burst into tears out of helplessness.

Over 1000 survivors in a city with population 600 thousand. Hundreds of predator priests. And the cardinal gets punished by being moved to the honourable Santa Maria Maggiore (guess by which pope...).

If I were one of those journalists, I’d have a lot of trouble trying not to break the fifth commandment... And what a fucking shame that hell does not exist, because I’m absolutely sure that every single one of the priesthood would rot in hell.

I don’t have a shred of respect to any priest. NOT ONE. It’s not that scale of the problem, where you can “not know”. It’s a systematic abuse that corrodes this mafia from the bottom to the very top.

It’s an abuse that directly stems from the very nature of the Church: indoctrinating children already right after they’re born, teaching them that priests are almost “saint” ex definitione, scaring them with hell, staying celibate, enjoying the non-deserved power and wealth of this mafia...

If you join them, you know what you can expect. Even if you don’t, you will eventually. And you keep silent about it. So you’re not much less culpable than those predators who rape children.

The blood of their future victims is on your conscience. The blood of those who didn’t withstand the abuse and the trauma and took their lives is on you too.

I am disgusted with you. My fists clench at the sight of the clerical collar.

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