Avris Counter screenshot

    It's the simplest way to show a counter of visitors on your website – just copy-paste this simple HTML code!

    [Screenshot] Moje zaimki to: ono/jego

    Polska gramatyka jest skomplikowana i silnie zgenderyzowana. Nie oznacza to jednak, że niemożliwe jest używanie innych form niż „on” i „ona”.

    To narzędzie udostępnia linki do przykładów użycia (w prostych zdaniach oraz w literaturze, prasie, filmach i serialach) zaimków i innych form płciowych – nie tylko normatywnych „on” i „ona”, lecz także form niebinarnych.

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    The most accurate horoscope ever!

    Seriously, you won't get a more accurate reading anywhere else online 😉

    SumUp is a simple tool that shows all possible combinations of numbers that add up to a given sum. It's useful for certain types of puzzles, like for example this killer sudoku.

    I got super annoyed having to set up all the dependencies for each project every time I started one, and especially implementing user management... Log in, register, confirm email, forgot password, MFA, change email, impersonate, manage avatars, over and over again, booooooring!

    So here it is: a template for quickstarting new projects, with all of the above (and more!) included out of the box!
    My photo album

    I take a lot of pictures. Most of them are trash, but some I like way more than the others... 😅

    So I've decided put them in an album and share them in high resolution under an open license, so that they're free to use. Hope you'll enjoy! 😊

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    Twemoji is a great way to make emoji's on your website independent of system and browser. But alas, it requires JavaScript...

    Unless you just use this library to replace emojis with <img> tags in your backend.


    FontAwesome provides thousands of icons, but you probably only use a few dozen on your website. Instead of loading all of them as a webfont, you could use SVG sprites.

    This library is a simple helper that:

    • registers the icons you use in the place you use it,
    • dumps a refined set of SVG symbols at the end of your page.

    You can check out a blog post about possible gains.


    Our sexuality is more complex than just straight/bi/gay. Here you can describe it on three axes: attraction type, relationship type and orientation type.

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    Lightweight sorting of tables.

    Just add [data-sort] attributes to the th elements in columns you’d like to sort a table by, include ~1kB of JS & CSS, and initialise with sorter() – and that’s it!

    For installation instructions and more customisation options, you can check out the readme file.


    I got tired of creating deployment scripts for my project, so I finally put together a simple, language-agnostic deployment script based on Makefile and symlinks.

    I like multi-column design. Alas, it’s really annoying to work with. If your tiles don’t all have the same height, it looks awful.

    That’s why we have Masonry (and alternatives) – alas, they use absolute positioning (which can be problematic for lazy loading of images, dynamically adding more elements, etc.). We can try doing it with plain CSS – alas, it either breaks the order of tiles or requires knowing the height of the container in advance.

    But I think I might have a solution to that: DEMO

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    ? Bearlines

    If you’re planning to open an airline that will hire bear guys as flight attendants, or to open a gay bar for bears in Berlin, here’s a name & logo for you 😄

    Easily share content...

    Need to send someone a nicely formatted text accessible via a simple link? Look no further. Simply add text, headers, images, tables, videos, quotes, code, etc. – and publish it with one click.


    No need to run a blog or have a social media account – using showr you can put content on the Internet without registering, and just post the link wherever and however you want.

    With a self-destruct...

    Sometimes you want things to be more volatile. Showr lets you set a time limit and limit of unique visitors – after either of them is reached, your content will just self-destruct.
    SUML logo

    YAML gets praised for being clear and human readable, but it’s also criticised for being ambiguous.

    SUML is an attempt to keep the good things about YAML but remove its ambiguity and needless complexity.

    SUML documentation SUML implementation in PHP SUML support for Symfony SUML implementation in JavaScript SUML Webpack Loader
    Block Checker screenshot

    Check how many people you blocked on Twitter and compare yourself to others.

    A simple file synchronisation tool using avris-fs.

    Warning! It’s a very early version! Conflict handling is not implemented, so only use it when you can safely assume often synchronisations/rare conflicts/versioning on the remote, etc.

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    A filesystem management abstraction layer for JavaScript. Manage files on local filesystem, on FTP server, on Amazon S3, etc. all through the same interface.

    Warning! It’s a very early version!

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    Avris GraphqlBundle

    Simplify Graphql configuration using plain methods with typehints and annotations.

    This bundle is a wrapper on webonyx/graphql-php.

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    Use this library to run any process in the background without blocking the console. It will start a child process, detach it, and save its PID to a file in order to be able to stop it later.

    npm: avris-daemonise
    Avris Dojo

    A Coding Dojo is a great way to practise programming, test-driven development, teamwork, pair programming and problem solving. Avris Dojo provides an easy way to synchronise your dojo codebase with your teammates.

    jQuery used to be virtually indispensable, if you wanted to develop a cross-browser website without getting a headache.

    Today, however, you might not need jQuery, especially, if you’re developing a library and want to avoid unnecessary dependencies.

    Still, some helpers could be useful... Vanillin is an opinionated set of helpers that I find most useful, a bare minimum to make life easier.

    npm: avris-vanillin

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