Opinionated Queer License

I create lots of things, mostly software, and I put them on the Internet for free. As an author I have the right to decide under which conditions do I waive my copyrights. Common practice is to just pick one of the permissive licenses, many of which aim to maximise the user's freedom…

But I don't care.

The whole point of me giving away stuff for free is to make the world a slightly better place – so if someone wants to use them for evil, then screw their freedom. I'm queer, I'm a member of minoritised communities – and I can't just blindly worship “freedom” in a world where so many use their freedom to actively hurt the most vulnerable.

I don't want my work to be freely used – I want it used for good.

So, my license prohibits any use by big corporations, cops, military, or use in a bigoted or violent way.

You're free to use it too, just keep in mind that I am not a lawyer. This license is inspired by and based on Leftcopy, The Social Domain, The Hippocratic License, ACAB License, the fuck around and find out license, The Anti-Capitalist Software License, CC-BY-NC-SA, and Jamie Kyle's MIT License.

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About the author

Hi! I'm Andrea (they/them). I tell computers what to do, both for a living and for fun, I'm also into blogging, writing and photography. I'm trying to make the world just a little bit better: more inclusive, more rational and more just.