Why do queers care about churches?

@emile_wickham on Twitter: I’ve never understood the LBGTQs community insistence on fighting for acceptance from religious entities. Church participation for the most part is voluntary. Find a church whose doctrine lines up with your beliefs?

Under a news that yet another church keeps being an asshole towards queer people some guy is asking why don't they just ignore it and find a better church.

Oh the privilege...

If the churches indoctrinate you since childhood & threaten you with eternal damnation for defying their doctrine – membership is far from voluntary.

And as long as the churches have a huge influence over how our families and the society treat us – not caring about them is a luxury we simply can't afford.

My family's homophobia towards me is motivated purely religiously. And my apostasy from the Catholic Church didn't make them hate me less, quite the opposite.

Asking queers to just find a better church is like asking black people why don't they just ignore the existence of the KKK. 🙄

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