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If You’re Happy And You Know It That’s A Sin

The concept of sin is scary for believers, but for non-believers – it’s just foolish. Sinful is not the same as wrong, evil and immoral. Why not?

I think it’s fair to define a wrongdoing as a deliberate action that has hurt another living, conscious creature. Something is good if it increases the general well-being of some conscious beings, and is bad, when it decreases such well-being.

Therefore I refuse to call something evil, if it didn’t hurt anyone. I had a nice wank, so what? My well-being was increased significantly, while nobody else was affected in any way. But my healthy, pleasant and harmless act suddenly becomes sinful when we create ourselves an imaginary entity that has a thing for getting offended at everything we do. That’s just absurd.

Not believing in god is a sin as well. Because you’re so proud that you dare to reject him. Silly, isn’t it? If you don’t believe in that nonsense, there’s no god in your mind to offend in the first place. It’s a crime without a victim! No Christian feels immoral for rejecting Zeus or Apollo – why the hell should we care about offending their imaginary friend?

Morality is a complex issue, which often cannot be divided into clear “right” and “wrong”. We face moral dilemmas every day. The concept of sin makes that reality artificially simplistic: if god says it’s good, then it is, otherwise you’ll go to hell for that. Except god doesn’t say anything (it’s a hard thing to do when you don’t exist), but “his” people do.

Is it so hard to see through? They’re just manipulating you by dictating some rectum-derived set of rules that are impossible to fully follow, and simultaneously selling you “salvation” – a cure for the disease they’ve made up. They keep adjusting those rules to whatever works better at the time. We wanna own slaves? Yeah, yeah, god said it’s fine. Everybody starts treating slaves as people and it’s now perceived inhumane to support slavery? Well of course god doesn’t support it either!

Sin is just a set of rules made up by manipulative men, but masquerading as divine. It’s a tool to make you feel unjustifiably guilty about being a human. They aren’t even secretive about it! The concept of the original sin tells you that you don’t even have to commit any evil to be sinful and to need their salvation!

How can sin have anything to do with morality, if even innocent newborns are sinful?

Think about it.


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