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Let's love our brains!

A picture of a brain

Have you ever noticed how unfairly we treat our brains?

Just take a look at the stigma surrounding mental issues. How mentally ill are being treated as dangerous weirdos, instead of... just sick people?

Just take a look at how often we don't treat intellectual work like a real work. Thinking that one can't possibly be so tired after eight hours just sitting at a desk.

Just take a look how many of us still believe in a “soul”, without giving enough credit to their brains.

But here's the news: your brain is you. The rest just keeps your brain alive.

You can lose a finger or a leg. You can replace a heart with a transplant. But you can't lose or replace your brain, can you?

It's you, treat yourself with respect.

Mental illness is just a type of illness. Mental work is also work. Consciousness is a function of brain, not a magic astral mystery.