The Big Bang Theory: Penny Says “I Love You” to Leonard for the first time

It's a very common trope in movies and series: people wondering whether, and when, and how they should say “I love you” for the first time to someone they're dating... people worrying about saying it too early, about the other person not saying it back...

But what if we stopped making such a big deal out of it?

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I think we should see other people... No, I’m not breaking up with you, quite the opposite.

Seeing other people might be beneficial for a relationship. How? Well, let me introduce you to the concepts of “NRE” and “compersion”.

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Self-Defined Dictionary is a fresh-new open-source project aiming to allow minoritised groups define the words that describe them – finally from their own perspective, and not the perspective of people who never even experienced their struggles.

I took an opportunity to suggest a definition of polyamory from a perspective of a polyamorous person.

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I just had a chance to watch a prerelease showing of “Blinded by the Light”.

I started crying during one of the first scenes and I couldn’t stop till the end.

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Distracted boyfriend meme

There is a song by Faun (“Tanz mit mir”) in which a girl agrees to dance with a guy and then spend the night with him, but only if he is “faithful” and “doesn’t kiss any other girl”.

It got me thinking... From a perspective of a non-monogramist that sounds like an extremely low bar for cheating. Really, a kiss is too much already? Maybe he can’t even check out a girl? Oh, right, he probably can’t.

If we counted how many kisses or hugs me and my husband have given out to other guys, we’d have to get divorced repeatedly... Does it mean people in open relationships have no bar whatsoever? Hell no! We can feel cheated too!

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I will never divorce this lil whore xD (love you Andreas :*) xD

As you might know, I’m in an open relationship and I’m even asking How is monogamy still a thing? in one blog post. But when I got asked for an advice on how to open a relationship, I realised I have honestly no idea what to say.

But after some thought, it boils down to that, more or less:

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I’ve been to so many weddings in my lifetime! Yet only one of them was not in a church, and not a single one was same-sex or performed in Germany. My first one is gonna be my own.

And I’m kinda scared...

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Let’s not kid ourselves, most of us would like to have more than one partner. But we rarely dare to admit it. The taboo on polygamy is too big.

I hate taboos though! Let’s loosen it up a notch! Let’s talk about non-monogamy and why it’s not as evil and depraved as it might sound.

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schönstes gedicht der welt
braucht kaum zwei wörter

beide ganz unwesentlich

the poem most beautiful
needs merely two words

both totally irrelevant

najpiękniejszy wiersz świata
składa się raptem z dwóch słów

i to zupełnie nieistotnych

Dalai Lama

I’ve found an inspiring post on the official fanpage of the XIV Dalai Lama. How surprising, when a religious leader has such an open mind about religions! He wrote:

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Dalai Lama

Inspirujący post znalazłem ostatnio na oficjalnym fanpage’u XIV Dalajlamy na Facebooku. Jakże to zadziwiające, że przywódca religijny ma taki otwarte spojrzenie na religie! Napisał bowiem:

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