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Religion isn't really on my mind anymore

Recently, I'm getting approached online by people trying to pick a fight about religion and about how terrible I am for not being a fan (to put it mildly). Which surprised me quite a bit, since I honestly don't remember the last time religion was even properly on my mind, let alone having brought up this topic publicly.

Sure, it used to haunt me for years. I was brought up very religiously, I wasted tons of time in church, on prayers, and on trying to reconcile the scientific knowledge of the world with the massively anti-scientific views presented to me as facts in church and school (yes, school, I had more religion lessons in school than biology or physics). Religion and the process of freeing my mind of religious thinking, used to be a huge part of my live.

I've spent years on researching other religions and non-religious points of view, making up my mind, reverting my conditioning; but now it's just… not there anymore. Now I can separate facts from mythology, I'm happy to live in a secular country, I'm not in touch with the birth family, I haven't been in a church for years, nor have I been proselytised to (much). Basically, the topic of religion became so irrelevant to me that I needed some internet users looking for a debate to remind me that it's a thing, and one that has shaped me so profoundly.

So here's a thing: I'm happier that way. Openly challenging religion and hearing the same old boring counterarguments over and over again was unbeliveably exhausting. And also quite pointless at this point. I've already said all I wanted to say, I put in writing my reasoning, my anger, my experiences. I made sure I had heard everything that could possibly change my mind. And now I'm basically done 🤷

But… now that the strong emotions are gone it might be worth pointing out a few things, at least so that people stop bothering me:

Many people have tried to convince me over the years that I should believe this or that thing. And honestly, I'm tired of listening to them. If there's no evidence to what you're saying, I'm not believing it, simple as that. I'm not going to no hell, there's no samsara, and thunders aren't cast by Zeus. And I'm justifiably angry for having been fed those lies in the past by people financially and politically profiting from it.

Even though I know it wasn't my fault in any way, I still feel embarrassed and kinda sorry for having been religious. The world would be so much nicer, if we collectively cared more for evidence and reason – and I used to be a part of a system actively working against that goal. Oh well, I did my part trying to counteract that. It was exhausting, and I'm done.

Like, I'm still against religion, I'm still gonna speak up against it if necessary, I'm still gonna have an occasional chuckle at its expense – but having taken an hour to write down those afterthoughts above is basically the limit of how much I'm willing to let the topic of religion occupy my mind anymore.

For me, life without religion is amazing – and that includes flame wars about religion. I'm done. Please don't at me.