LGB always with T!

@JackChristy93 on Twitter: Something I probably shouldn't say as a gay man: I don't think LGBT works. Sexuality (LGB) and gender identity (T) are nothing like eachother. To be honest the way Gay & Lesbian issues have been slapped aside for gender identity theory pisses me off.

LGBTQ+ does work. We go together, hand in hand. We fight for each other's rights. It's the “T” who threw the first bricks in Stonewall.

Blabbing about “separate issues” is just you trying to mask that you're EMBARRASSED to be associated with trans people.

It's transphobia 🙄

All letters in LGBTQ+ are about gender. About who society thinks you're allowed to be, to do, to wear, whom to love – all depending on the gender of people involved.

Some people get discriminated against because of the gender of their partners, but some – because of their own.

It's all about human rights. It's all about the same principles and values. It's all about letting people live the life they want, need and deserve. It's all about being a decent human being to each other.

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