I don't hate god

Do atheists hate god?

I can’t count how many times I’ve been accused of “only being and atheist because I hate god!”. How the hell can I possibly hate something that I claim does not exists?

But no worries – if he existed, I’d hate him so much!

What the fuck is all that pointless suffering about? Especially among little children, who die terrible deaths before they even reach the age of reason. There’s no way it’s a punishment for some wrong they did, or that a “greater good” comes out of it somehow. It’s just plain cruel.

It’s perfectly understandable coming from a neutral, mindless, soulless universe. But if there were an omniscient, omnipotent being, why the hell doesn’t he do anything about it? This guy would be a sadistic dictator!

There is but one thing about god that does exist and I genuinely hate it. His fun club. Those guys that have spent last twenty centuries oppressing women, discriminating against LGBTQ people, controlling our sex lives, raping children, murdering non-believers and impeding scientific progress.

Fuck them.

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