@AvrisIT on Twitter: the world would be so beautiful if the “i'm not an expert, but…” folks just shut up and let the experts talk. just this week i saw: a translator schooled about the language, a programmer about software engineering, and the gay community about discrimination. just. shut. up.

I used to think that the biggest advantage of the Internet compared to the old-fashioned media is that the communication doesn't just go one way. It's not just a few people broadcasting to everyone, but instead it's everyone having an equal voice.

But having spent years on the Internet has taught me something more: most of those “equal voices” are stupid and spiteful. And that's I don't have to listen to all of them.

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Kein Mensch ist illegal

If you humiliate and discriminate others, I'm here to tell you I know your little secret: you think you're worthless, and you know you're too lazy to do anything about it.

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A picture of myself

#IAmNonbinary is trending on Twitter. Next to beautiful pictures and inspiring stories of nonbinary folks, there’s also tons of hateful replies. Apart from the usual phobic comments, there’s also some idiotic requirements. Haters reproach people that they aren’t andogynous enough, or that they aren’t using “they/them” pronouns, etc, etc.

Oh for fuck’s sake. You’re missing the entire point.

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Do atheists hate god?

I can’t count how many times I’ve been accused of “only being and atheist because I hate god!”. How the hell can I possibly hate something that I claim does not exists?

But no worries – if he existed, I’d hate him so much!

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