Don't you DARE comparing skepticism to homophobia!

@AvrisIT on Twitter:


unconditionally respecting everyone's beliefs implies that everyone can just make up any unscientific, baseless, harmful bullshit and expect it to be taken seriously.

that's not how reasonable society should behave.

@BunCatGirl on Twitter:

When a gay doesn’t respect beliefs like - they respect lgbt why the fuk not respect them or just shut yo mouth 🤔🤔🤡

So apparently I'm supposed to respect the belief that there are witches who have hexed the moon, because otherwise it would justify other people's homophobia.

What a pile of absolute bullshit.

My sexual orientation is a part of my identity. It comes from within, and it's completely harmless. It simply describes who I'm attracted to. Not even what I do with that attraction, just how I feel. Trying to deprive me of my human rights, telling me that I'm worse of a person / husband / father than you because of who I'm attracted to is just plain bigotry and hatred.

Contrast that with believing in a religion, astrology, witchcraft, tarot, etc. It's something that someone made up, and others decided to believe. It's just claims that no one cared providing evidence for. I can make up any claim, but it will neither make it true or worthy of any respect. Here: dogs can fly, they are just very good at hiding it from people. It would be nice if that were true, right? But it's not. And if you told me I'm silly for believing that, you would be absolutely right.

We all know the absolute worst that a religion can make people do. We all saw 9/11, ISIS, we all learned about the inquisition, crusades, conquista, religious wars… All of that because of a set of claims that nobody can prove are true, but many are ready to kill and die for.

But even the mildest, most peaceful belief based on blind faith, even the idea of witchcraft, hexing the moon, talking to tarot cards, believing horoscopes, etc., even those are still harmful in a way. Because they reinforce the notion that every claim, every made up fairy tale is worthy of respect, just because someone believes in it. Such notion, if accepted by a lot of of people, makes it possible to more radical religious groups to exist and thrive. Such notion shuts down the conversation and reinforces ignorance.

I am a victim of blind faith making people believe that I'm inferior and not worthy of human rights. I'm emotionally scarred for life by homofobia. I've lived through mental abuse. I had to leave my country because of homophobia. And you're trying to tell me that I can't fight back against the source of bigotry that has hurt me, because that would give people the right to hurt me more?

Are you trying to teach me “respect” by telling me to “shut my mouth”?

Are you telling me that disrespecting a living, breathing person for their sexual orientation is in any way comparable to criticising an unproven, rectum-derived idea that an educated person in the 21st century should be ashamed to take seriously?

Are you comparing my trauma with me telling someone that witches aren't real?

Are you using my identity to try to shame me into giving up my rationality?

How dare you!

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