Recently, I'm getting approached online by people trying to pick a fight about religion and about how terrible I am for not being a fan (to put it mildly). Which surprised me quite a bit, since I honestly don't remember the last time religion was even properly on my mind, let alone having brought up this topic publicly.

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@AvrisIT on Twitter: no. unconditionally respecting everyone's beliefs implies that everyone can just make up any unscientific, baseless, harmful bullshit and expect it to be taken seriously. that's not how reasonable society should behave. @BunCatGirl on Twitter: When a gay doesn’t respect beliefs like - they respect lgbt why the fuk not respect them or just shut yo mouth 🤔🤔🤡

So apparently I'm supposed to respect the belief that there are witches who have hexed the moon, because otherwise it would justify other people's homophobia.

What a pile of absolute bullshit.

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@atheismisajoke on Twitter: Atheist logic: • Laptop - created • Clock - created • Lightbulb - created • Bookshelf - created • Spoon - created • Rug - created • Jar - created • Cardboard Box - created • Universe - magically came from nothing • Life - magically came from nothing @AvrisIT on twitter: Theist logic: • God – magically came from nothing

I keep hearing this one argument over and over again: “if I see things around me that have been created, that means everything had to be created, that means there is a god”.

What they don't seem to notice (apart from such extrapolation being unjustified) is that looking in that direction actually points us towards there being no god.

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I get that a lot: “oh, you’re gay, you demand tolerance, but you told me that my god is a mythology and that’s soooo intolerant of you blah blah...”

Well, let me tell you how is sexual orientation different from believing in Santa Claus, and why tolerance has nothing to do with it.

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