Is antitheism intolerant?

I get that a lot: “oh, you’re gay, you demand tolerance, but you told me that my god is a mythology and that’s soooo intolerant of you blah blah...”

Well, let me tell you how is sexual orientation different from believing in Santa Claus, and why tolerance has nothing to do with it.

The thing is...

Being gay, Syrian, black, trans, etc. are things that you are.

Being a Christian is something you do. You get tought religion. You go to church. You recite prayers. You read a specific book and decide to believe in its content despite the facts not supporting it.

Your religion is an idea. And ideas can be challenged.

Tolerance, in the meaning they meant, is about people’s identities. About their very existence. About their human rights.

Mythologies, and this might surprise you, are not humans.

And yes, religious freedom is one of the human rights, but it means that others cannot forbid you to believe and practice your relgion, and that they can’t discriminate you based on your beliefs. It doesn’t mean that your unscientific beliefs or specific practices are protected from any criticism.

Just because I disagree with you, doesn’t mean I’m intolerant 🤷🏼

P.S. “Tolerance” means “putting up with something, despite disagreeing with it”. So me openly disagreeing with theism, while respecting people’s right to believe in it, is pretty much tolerant by definition.

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