Distracted boyfriend meme

There is a song by Faun (“Tanz mit mir”) in which a girl agrees to dance with a guy and then spend the night with him, but only if he is “faithful” and “doesn’t kiss any other girl”.

It got me thinking... From a perspective of a non-monogramist that sounds like an extremely low bar for cheating. Really, a kiss is too much already? Maybe he can’t even check out a girl? Oh, right, he probably can’t.

If we counted how many kisses or hugs me and my husband have given out to other guys, we’d have to get divorced repeatedly... Does it mean people in open relationships have no bar whatsoever? Hell no! We can feel cheated too!

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I’ve had enough of hearing the alarmists who scare people that “if we let Islam into Europe, they will breed like rabbits, outnumber us and in 30 years will impose the sharia law on us”. Not only because such prophecies are generally followed by a stream of racist and islamophobic slurs. Also because it simply makes no sense.

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Mam szerze dość słuchania panikarzy straszących, że “jak wpuścimy islam do Europy, to się namnożą jak króliki, przewyższą nas liczebnie i za 30 lat wprowadzą nam prawo szariatu”. I to nie tylko dlatego, że w parze z takimi proroctwami przeważnie idą rasistowskie i islamofobiczne obelgi. Również dlatego, że to po prostu nie ma sensu.

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