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Homophobic out of jealousy

I know, I know, all this will be pure speculation. But does it not sound really likely?

Imagine that you have a partner of opposite sex, but you don’t really have the greatest relationship... And your conservative parents or grandparents are constantly nagging you: “when is the wedding?”, “when will we get grandchildren?”, blah blah blah... Then you turn on TV and you see people there who cannot get married or have children, but they would very much want to. How would you feel about it?

Imagine that you are a man who gets along really well with his buddies and loves to spend time with them – but it’s not necessarily the case with his girlfriend. You two cannot get along, you argue about every little thing, you struggle to divide chores between yourselves, you’re trying to fit into traditional gender roles, but it hurts... Meanwhile, those damn gays have both a buddy and a life partner in one person! How come they can and you don’t?!

Imagine that try as you might, you can’t get laid. Meanwhile, you see a priest on the Polish TV, who preaches his rectum-derived statistics that gays have an average of five hundred (!) sexual partners. Well, how can you not be indignant about such promiscuity?!

Imagine that you have been trying to persuade your girlfriend for years to do anal or any experiments in bed, but she can’t be convinced. Meanwhile, those faggots do nothing else, but screw each other in the ass! Not only that, they do it in threesomes, tensomes, in leather suits, in harnesses and other BDSMs... Wouldn’t you try to persuade yourself what an abomination all of that is?

Imagine that you are constantly worried about possible pregnancy, and those fags do not have to. How is it fair?

Imagine that you feel attraction to the same sex, but you cannot admit it even to yourself, let alone to your homophobic, toxically masculine pals, and to the rest of the world. You’re a coward, while those faggots are courageously going out into the streets, they hold each other’s hands, they put on a rainbow flag on, and they aren’t ashamed of anything! How dare they?!

Now think about it... Would people who are confident of their heterosexual orientation panic about receiving an innocent compliment from a person of the same sex? Would people in a happy relationship really waste their time trying to refuse happiness to other couples? Would people with a happy sex life really be so morbidly interested in someone else’s?

How frustrated do you have to be to sacrifice your Saturday just to protest a peaceful march that proclaims love, equality and tolerance? To heap insults on innocent, terrified people? To throw stones and flares at them? To risk arrest, years in prison?

How much do you need to doubt your own masculinity to see someone else’s homosexuality as a threat?

How low self-esteem do you have to have, if you’re trying so desperately to show your supposed superiority?


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