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Here's a list of tools that I use for work and can fully recommend:

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multicolored planet fluid painting

‘All stand for Their Majesty, Ruler of the Seven Continents, Sovereign of the Three Moons, Protector of Freedom, Emperor Kĥalɨd, the fourth of this name!’

Fanfares resounded and all hundred forty-four Senators (what an unusual attendance!) rose from their seats as the Emperor entered the Senate Plenary Hall, followed by a dozen generals. Well, “crawled into” might have been a better word to describe it, but since that was the ordinary for their species, I guess just “entered” is fine. The point is, even though for humans it might have looked sluggish and repulsive, for mendrɨans the whole scene looked ultimately royal and dignified as fuck. The Sovereign Senate doesn’t invite the Emperor that often. Whatever is happening, is gonna be huge.

‘My dear Senators’, started the Emperor after reaching the podium, ‘this war is unwinnable’. There was a loud gasp. Even though they knew that the immense power of their Empire is nothing compared to what the invaders from Earth can unleash, they were still holding on to their hope. Does it mean there’s officially no hope anymore?

Kĥalɨd continued: ‘but if we don’t win it, our entire species will perish, our Beloved Planet and its Three Moons will be destroyed to pieces. So we cannot lose it. It’s unwinnable, but we have to win it.’

Their voice started shaking. ‘What the fuck do we do?’, they cried.

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To those living in technologically advanced countries it might sound strange. But yes, here in Germany people do have a noticeable fear of PayPass.

I moved here two years ago and during that time I’ve witnessed a huge revolution in the field of payment methods. A revolution that is still way behind where Poland (Poland!) was already five years ago!

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If you could travel back in time, say a thousand or two thousand years, how awesome would it be? Anyone from the Western civilization in the 21st century would look like a genius, or even a god, to the people from back then, right? With our superior technology, our smartphones, our quick transportation, our wast knowledge at the tips or our fingers...

Awesome, right? You’d become the king of the world, wouldn’t you? Well, I doubt it... Here are some issues you’d almost certainly stumble upon:

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This is a conference report for my company:

Hi all,

I visited Unit Festival last Saturday and those are my notes:

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