Destroy religion before religion destroys us all

I'm surprised by the number of atheists who say that we shouldn't even tell believers that there is no god, for fear of hurting their feelings and disrespecting their faith.

Well, screw your faith. I have absolutely zero respect for it, whatsoever.

And I have good reasons for it.

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The very first thing I’ve ever tattooed on my body is a symbol of atheism. It might sound stupid for some (“if you don’t believe in god, why do you care so much about the nonexistent?”), but it’s a really important thing for me. Let me tell you why.

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There’s a reason we don’t teach astrology, fortune-telling, horoscopes, telepathy or homeopathy at schools – they’re bullshit, they are claims not supported by any credible evidence. Yet when it comes to religion, some countries are fine with teaching it in schools. What the fuck?

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Z jakichś powodów nie uczymy astrologii, wróżbiarstwa, horoskopów, telepatii czy homeopatii w szkołach – ponieważ są bzdurami, są twierdzeniami niewspartymi przez żadne wiarygodne dowody. Jednak w przypadku religii niektóre kraje nie widzą problemu z nauczaniem ich w szkołach. What the fuck?

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Neil Patric Harris with family

It is a scientific consensus based on tons of studies: children of same-sex parents are just as happy, healthy and successful as the ones in “traditional” families.

The only difference is that they have to face the discrimination because of who raises them.

So if you really cared about children’s well-being so much, you wouldn’t deny them the chance of getting adopted by some loving same-sex parents. If you want children to be happy, science tells you to stop discriminating LGBT people, not the opposite.

Selbstverständlich ist Theologie keine Wissenschaft.

Wissenschaft beschäftigt sich mit Forschung und Beschreibund der Wirklichkeit.

Theologie ist nur ein Satz von völlig aus der Luft gegriffenen Behauptungen.

Of course theology is not a science.

Science is all about studying and describing the reality.

Theology is just a set of rectum-derived claims.

Oczywiście, że teologia nie jest nauką.

Nauka zajmuje się badaniem i opisywaniem rzeczywistości.

Teologia natomiast to tylko zbiór twierdzeń wyssanych z palca.