SumUp is a simple tool that shows all possible combinations of numbers that add up to a given sum. It's useful for certain types of puzzles, like for example this killer sudoku.

@atheismisajoke on Twitter: Atheist logic: • Laptop - created • Clock - created • Lightbulb - created • Bookshelf - created • Spoon - created • Rug - created • Jar - created • Cardboard Box - created • Universe - magically came from nothing • Life - magically came from nothing @AvrisIT on twitter: Theist logic: • God – magically came from nothing

I keep hearing this one argument over and over again: “if I see things around me that have been created, that means everything had to be created, that means there is a god”.

What they don't seem to notice (apart from such extrapolation being unjustified) is that looking in that direction actually points us towards there being no god.

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Coffee with milk

The most important maths lesson in my life wasn't actually that hard. It wasn't even really about maths.

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It's not God's fault he punishes us. If we would only listen to him... deep down I know he loves us.

As a kid I just couldn't wrap my head around the idea of salvation. It wasn't a big deal, I just accepted what they taught me at home, in church and at school, and assumed that when I'm older and wiser, I'll finally understand.

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You don't get to bitch about those guys having sex, if you support an organisation that protects pedophiles.

I’m sick and tired of biggots treating me hatefully because of my sexual orientation.

Especially, if they are catholic. Why? Because they have even less of a moral highground than the other biggots. Here’s the logic:

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Programming isn’t that hard. Really. With enough time and determination, almost everybody could write some useful code. The Internet is full of tutorials that teach you programming from scratch, full of people who faced the same problems you do, full of people who solved those problems and shared their solutions for you to use, and finally full of free libraries that you can just use. All you need to do is learn some tools, google your problems and put together pieces of code that you find.

But if it’s not a black magic, not a secret knowledge, then why are software developers so well paid?

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It's still just a cracker

Say you’ve found a host lying on a street. Is there any way whatsoever to determine, whether it’s still just a bread, or maybe it’s already transformed into god in person?

It’s possible to determine, which floor was used to bake it, more or less when did it happen, how much smog have settled on it in the meanwhile. If we really try, we can figure out practically it’s whole history – but it’s impossible to say, if it’s entire nature changed drastically? That means just one thing: no, it didn’t change.

If a body A and a body B are totally indistinguishable from each other (whether physically or “spiritually”), then A = B. God’s not in that bread. Transsubstantiation is a myth.

To wciąż tylko wafel

Powiedzmy znalazłeś na ulicy hostię. Czy jest jakikolwiek sposób, by odróżnić czy to jeszcze zwykły chleb, czy to już przeistoczona bozia we własnej osobie?

Możliwe jest zbadanie, z jakiej mąki została upieczona, kiedy mniej więcej powstała, ile osiadło na niej smogu w międzyczasie, gdy się uprzemy, możemy poznać praktycznie całą jej historię – ale nie da się stwierdzić, czy całkowicie zmieniła się jej natura? To znaczy tylko jedno: nie zmieniła się.

Jeśli ciało A i ciało B są od siebie zupełnie nierozróżniane (czy to fizycznie, czy “duchowo”), to A = B. Bozi w chlebku nie ma. Transsubstancjacja to mit.

No one can prove god’s existence. When an atheist states this obvious fact, they will almost certainly hear the response “well, but you cannot prove he doesn’t exist, either!”.

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