Answer a bunch of very random questions, see where that puts you on the political compass, and share the results with friends 😉


SumUp is a simple tool that shows all possible combinations of numbers that add up to a given sum. It's useful for certain types of puzzles, like for example this killer sudoku.


FontAwesome provides thousands of icons, but you probably only use a few dozen on your website. Instead of loading all of them as a webfont, you could use SVG sprites.

This library is a simple helper that:

  • registers the icons you use in the place you use it,
  • dumps a refined set of SVG symbols at the end of your page.

You can check out a blog post about possible gains.

avris/fontawesome-optimiser gitlab.com/Avris/FontAwesomeOptimiser

Fair warning: this library is pretty useless. And only moderately fun... 🤷

But it seemed like a cool way to learn a bit about web components, so here it is: a component that creates googly eyes that follow your mouse.

Demo gitlab.com/Avris/Ocz npmjs.com/package/avris-ocz

Lightweight sorting of tables.

Just add [data-sort] attributes to the th elements in columns you’d like to sort a table by, include ~1kB of JS & CSS, and initialise with sorter() – and that’s it!

For installation instructions and more customisation options, you can check out the readme file.

Demo gitlab.com/Avris/Sorter npmjs.com/package/avris-sorter

Use this library to run any process in the background without blocking the console. It will start a child process, detach it, and save its PID to a file in order to be able to stop it later.

npm: avris-daemonise gitlab.com/Avris/Daemonise

jQuery used to be virtually indispensable, if you wanted to develop a cross-browser website without getting a headache.

Today, however, you might not need jQuery, especially, if you’re developing a library and want to avoid unnecessary dependencies.

Still, some helpers could be useful... Vanillin is an opinionated set of helpers that I find most useful, a bare minimum to make life easier.

npm: avris-vanillin gitlab.com/Avris/Vanillin

While working on Avris Forms v4.0, I’ve decided to migrate some code from CoffeScript with jQuery to Vanilla JS. And I guess it might be a good idea to share this transition 😉

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Missing your cosy home? Come in to find out, if you can stop working already and head back home!

canigohome.avris.it gitlab.com/Avris/GoHome

Proste zadanie: umieścić na stronie przycisk, który przekieruje nas do usuwania jakiegoś obiektu z bazy, ale zanim to zrobi, spyta, czy na pewno tego chcemy.

Standardowa część interfejsu, możliwa do zrealizowania w webie na wiele różnych sposobów. Najprostszym z nich jest zwykłe okienko confirm().

W wersji najbardziej prymitywnej wykonanie zadania wygląda mniej więcej tak:

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