Screenshot of the new version of the blog

It wasn’t really supposed for the New Year, but I’ve had plenty of free time on my hands during the holiday break, so here it is already: a brand new version of my blog 🥳

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A framework doesn’t have to be overly complex! Micrus provides you with a quick, easy and comfortable way of creating neatly structured, modular MVC websites, which can be easily extended and configured.

Our goal is to keep the framework as simple as possible, while offering all the most important features.

Putting emojis in your database should be a piece of cake, right? You’ve had enough trouble with encodings in your lifetime, and now that we have the blessing of UTF-8, you’re always so careful to use it everywhere, so you’d expect all the characters to just finally work out of the box, right?

Well, I did expect that. But I’ve recently realised I can only put some emojis (like “❤️”) in by blog posts. Most of them were just lost or replaced with “?” by MySQL... Oh, those damn encodings again!

But fortunately the solution is quite simple.

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