Fuck you, Elton, Harry and Meghan


As much as I despise DailyMail’s usual hatred and and shittiness, I can’t stand on the side of their recent “victims”: Harry and Meghan Windsor and Elton John. Calling out the hypocrisy and entitlement of the rich is what press is supposed to be doing.

Recently the DailyMail has reported that Harry and Meghan traveled to Elton John’s mansion with a private jet, despite allegedly being advocates of environmental issues.

Elton John ”defended” them on Twitter saying that it was actually his private jet and that it somehow got “carbon neutral” because he paid more money for it. Also: let’s mention Princess Diana, you know, she died, that’s sad, what a poor kid... 🙄

Let me get this straight: your “problems” are nothing compared to what the commoners have to live through. Oh, your mother died in an accident? Guess what, we all have to deal with the deaths of our loved ones too, except we can’t take solace seeing the whole country/world mourning with us. And we have to deal with it while also caring about living from paycheck to paycheck, putting food on our tables, paying our bills, etc. etc. etc. etc.

We don’t have a private butler, we have to do shit ourselves. We don’t have private jets offered to us by our celebrity millionaire friends, we have to save money to fly commercial.

Can you imagine how it feels to save money for the whole year in order to sometimes afford a luxury of flying to a different country for vacation, with a shitty airline, and with 200 other people, with tight space, and then hearing you two privileged arseholes tell us that we should fly less because we will kill the planet, while you take a luxury private jet flight yourselves? Of course you can’t. You don’t have real problems. Your biggest one is that someone on the press was mean to you.

Flying someone else’s private jet doesn’t make you any less hypocritical. And paying extra for the flight doesn’t make the carbon magically disappear.

You fucking entitled pricks.

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