There's plenty of reasons to love Daði Freyr's song (and my personal favourite for the 2020 Eurovision win) ”Think About Things”. But the most important reason is this: Daði is singing about treating his child like a human being. And that's why the song brings me to tears.

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Radiowe Nutki - Najłatwiejsze ciasto w świecie

I baked a cake. It wasn’t hard, it wasn’t impressive, I don’t have a picture to share, I’m not planning to use this recipe ever again or even to eat it whole.

But still, it was quite an important cake for me.

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Neil Patric Harris with family

It is a scientific consensus based on tons of studies: children of same-sex parents are just as happy, healthy and successful as the ones in “traditional” families.

The only difference is that they have to face the discrimination because of who raises them.

So if you really cared about children’s well-being so much, you wouldn’t deny them the chance of getting adopted by some loving same-sex parents. If you want children to be happy, science tells you to stop discriminating LGBT people, not the opposite.