I'm on a quest. A quest to find two words: one to describe gender, sexual and romantic minorities, and one to describe the rest.

I know, the title gives away the result, but please bear with me while I explain how I got there 😉

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As much as I love Cohen’s Hallelujah, there’s one verse that always bothered me. “Your faith was strong, but you needed proof”. Seriously? It’s not how those words work!

If you require proof or evidence to believe in something, it’s called common sense, not faith.

If you accepted some fact after being presented evidence for it, it’s called knowledge.

If you believe in something despite the lack of evidence, that’s faith.

It’s not that hard to get those words right.

schönstes gedicht der welt
braucht kaum zwei wörter

beide ganz unwesentlich

the poem most beautiful
needs merely two words

both totally irrelevant

najpiękniejszy wiersz świata
składa się raptem z dwóch słów

i to zupełnie nieistotnych