A hand holding an envelope in the colours of trans flag

DWH Delft organised a letter writing campaign to advocate for the passage of the trans ID bill in the Netherlands.

As much as I'd personally prefer to remove gender markers from official documents entirely, I believe that if it has to be there, it should at least be reasonably easy for trans people to make it reflect their real gender. So here's my letter:

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Answer a bunch of very random questions, see where that puts you on the political compass, and share the results with friends 😉

Bart Staszewski bringing president Duda pictures of queer youth bullied into suicide

I keep running away from Polish homophobia. Geographically, I've left five years ago. But online? I'm trying not to read the news, not to engage with homophobes on Twitter, I'm unfollowing Polish accounts…

But I can't keep it up. The extent of queerphobic hatred, especially recently, is terrifying. I can't just idly watch my queer siblings suffer.

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If every single person on this planet had a roof over their head, food on their plate, and access to high-quality, free education and healthcare, then I promise I would sod off from ever caring about how many billions does Jeff Bezos have.

But until that day, I care a fucking lot.

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Politics sucks. Even people who are honestly interested in all the political games often admit: it’s shit.

I would compare it to the Scrum methodology – it might be a useful tool to get your team to get the shit done, but it often ends up resulting in more meetings about what to do than actually doing it.

What if instead of elections we just had a draw?

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