AI-generated illustration: a wrecking ball with OVHcloud logo smashing a server with my blog's logo

A big chunk of my free time in the last week has been consumed by work on restoring a bunch of my projects after my hosting provider, OVH, completely removed my server and backups. Here's what happened.

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Terminal with `ls -lah /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/` executed on the new server

When it comes to DevOps, I'm just the “dev”. I write code, but I'd rather have someone else worry about making sure it keeps running as intended. I manage my personal VPS, I manage some servers at work, but I wouldn't call myself an expert in that area at all. So I'm super proud of myself and how well it went when I migrated a big project to a new machine 😊 The downtime was just 15 minutes! Here's the story, if you're interested.

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