Terminal with `ls -lah /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/` executed on the new server

When it comes to DevOps, I'm just the “dev”. I write code, but I'd rather have someone else worry about making sure it keeps running as intended. I manage my personal VPS, I manage some servers at work, but I wouldn't call myself an expert in that area at all. So I'm super proud of myself and how well it went when I migrated a big project to a new machine 😊 The downtime was just 15 minutes! Here's the story, if you're interested.

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Bequemer Service für bestätigen und generieren von Steuer-IdNr., IBAN, TIN, ISBN, EAN, Kennwörter...

Auch als API und NPM package verfügbar.

Generate and validate numbers and identifiers like IBAN, ISBN, EAN, PESEL, BSN, passwords...

Also available as and API and an NPM package.

Wygodne narzędzie do walidowania i generowania numerów PESEL, NIP, REGON, numeru dowodu osobistego, rachunku bankowego, haseł itp.

Dostępny również jako API oraz pakiet NPM.