marriage equality

No, honestly, why not? I know why yes, that question is boring, I don’t need anyone convincing me that it’s possible and probably very rewarding to love and be in relationship with more than one person, or that having legal protections for such relationships would be nice.

But I’m curious what would the challenges of such a possibility be.

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– Morning! How was your weekend?
– Morning! Well, we went do Poland to visit my boyfriend’s family and we...
– Oh, so you have a boyfriend? That’s ok. You know, I have gay friends.
– Erm... OK... So what? I have gay friends too. And straight friends... What’s your point?

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Schwulen Beratung - Refugees welcome

I got into a nasty argument with a friend of mine, who was basically screaming at me for joining the “crowd of stupid, crazy people that get naked and have sex in the middle of the city”. Seriously.

Just FYI, I’ve never seen anyone publicly have sex during pride. Neither did he. He just doesn’t like pride celebrations, so he used every stupid argument he could think of to justify that.

His whole angry rant could be summed up like this: we shouldn’t celebrate, because there’s nothing to celebrate. Nothing, really?

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Ehe für alle - Rechtsausschuss macht den Weg frei

I think it’s outrageous that the vote on marriage equality has been blocked for 12 years because of some personal whimsies of Angela Merkel. Even though an overwhelming majority of Germans supports it, even though a majority of Bundestag seems to support it as well, even if being treated equally by the authorities is a basic human right – it never got through.

And suddenly, Merkel gives one statement that is less anti-LGBTQ than usually, and everybody goes nuts, everything seems that we can finally get it done.

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Das Motto des Berliner Christopher Street Day 2016 ist “Danke für Nix!”. Und ich finde es affengeil!

Es hat nämlich doppelte Bedeutung: ironischer Dank den Politikern für viele Jahre der Tatenlosigkeit, wenn es um LGBT-rechte geht, aber auch Betonung, dass sogar wenn es etwas, dankbar zu sein, gab, eigentlich gäbe es so oder so gar nix – weil die LGBT-Rechte Menschenrechte sind, und Gleichbehandlung der Bürger ohne Rücksicht auf Geschlecht, Hautfarbe, Nationalität, sexuelle Orientierung oder Gender, ist etwas, das allen zusteht.

Lass uns während des Prides stolz sein, lass uns erhobenen Hauptes auf die Straßen gehen – ohne die Politiker zu bitten, sondern fordern, dass unsere Rechte, die wir verdienen, respektiert werden!

The Motto of this year’s Christopher Street Day in Berlin is “Danke für Nix!” – thanks for nothing. And I think it’s awesome!

That’s because of its double message: ironic thanks towards politicians for the years of idleness when it comes to LGBT rights, but also underlining that even if there were anything to thank them for, there actually wouldn’t – because LGBT rights are human rights, and treating your citizens equally, regardless of their sex, skin color, nationality, sexual orientation or gender identity, is something that everybody is simply entitled to.

Let’s be proud during Pride, let’s go out on the streets with our heads held high – not asking politicians for action, but demanding that our rights that we deserve finally get fully respected!

Berliński Christopher Street Day odbędzie się w tym roku pod hasłem “Danke für Nix!” – dzięki za nic. Uważam, że hasło jest przezajebiste!

Ma bowiem podwójny przekaz: ironiczne podziękowania dla polityków za lata bezczynności w kwestii praw LGBT, oraz podkreślenie, że nawet gdyby było im za co dziękować, to i tak nie ma za co – bo prawa LGBT są prawami człowieka, a równe traktowanie obywateli bez względu na płeć, kolor skóry, narodowość, orientację seksualną czy tożsamość płciową, jest czymś, co zwyczajnie się wszystkim należy.

Skoro Pride ma być dumny, to wyjdźmy na ulice z podniesioną głową i wypiętą piersią – nie tyle prosząc polityków o konkretne działania, lecz domagając się respektowania praw, na które zasługujemy!