I’ve lived in three countries so far, and for me it’s really interesting to see how differently they do some things that I’ve never even thought could be done differently. Today: addresses.

Almost everyone knows that in Japan you use blocks instead of street names and that buildings within a block are numbered chronologically, not geographically. But that’s Asia, right? How much can one European country be different from another?

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There are many problems with the European Union. But that doesn’t mean the EU sucks! Quite the opposite!

The main one is that we take it for granted. Even the euro enthusiasts giving speeches during the Pulse Of Europe, even those old enough to remember the atrocities of war or the reality of divided Germany, say that they need to constantly remind themselves: the peace wasn’t always there, the free movement, free trade – that was was built quite recently, it still is being built, and it requires our effort to continue working.

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“The EU is a bureaucratic monster!”

Well, it should be. It manages to connect 28 really different countries, with different legal orders, different economies, using 24 official languages and 11 currencies; plus a couple of loosely related countries (Norway, Switzerland, Vatican etc.); plus a shitload of dependent territories. What it does is amazing!

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