Twemoji is a great way to make emoji's on your website independent of system and browser. But alas, it requires JavaScript...

Unless you just use this library to replace emojis with <img> tags in your backend.

avris/twemoji gitlab.com/Avris/Twemoji

Putting emojis in your database should be a piece of cake, right? You’ve had enough trouble with encodings in your lifetime, and now that we have the blessing of UTF-8, you’re always so careful to use it everywhere, so you’d expect all the characters to just finally work out of the box, right?

Well, I did expect that. But I’ve recently realised I can only put some emojis (like “❤️”) in by blog posts. Most of them were just lost or replaced with “?” by MySQL... Oh, those damn encodings again!

But fortunately the solution is quite simple.

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