My favourite quote from professor Richard Dawkins is not the one where he calls the God of the Old testament a “capriciously malevolent bully”, or any of those where he otherwise openly mocks religion.

It's one where he doesn't even mention religion at all, even though he's destroying its very foundations.

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Empty cinema

He usually remembered his dreams. Not this time, though. He felt as if he had slept for many, many days, and yet, he couldn’t remember a single thing his subconsciousness had produced over that time. Strange.

Oh, wait! There was this thing... People were chasing him around the village with pitchforks, they were angry, he was running away, but he couldn’t run, classic dream problems!, they caught him, everything went even more blurry... Nah, whatever, just another dream.

This ceiling looks strange, doesn’t it?, he realised. Where the fuck am I?

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Who killed Dumbledore? It was Snape, right? We’ve all read the book, we saw Snape cast the spell... But Dumbledore kinda killed himself, right...? And it wouldn’t have happened without Malfoy, right? And what about the role of Voldemort in that death?

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