I just got back home from work. It took me an hour instead of a half – not that bad considering none of the S-Bahns is running and half the city is paralyzed after the Xavier storm. But what was bad, was how Berliners behaved in the crowd...

  • Some asshole started smoking. In the tunnel. In the crowd.
  • When the crowd could finally start moving, some idiots decided to block the flow of people and started taking selfies.
  • The secret knowledge about public transportation that you first get out, then get on is way too complicated for some to understand. On a normal day it’s just annoying, but in such a crowd it might even be dangerous.
  • Many people, once they got in, didn’t manage to go as deep inside the wagon as they could, so that the others can get in – instead they just decided to block the entrance for the rest.
  • Some of those standing next to the door, who didn’t want to get out on the next station, didn’t have a courtesy to make any room for those who wanted out.
  • Some older lady was wearing balaclava. Seriously. In a subway tunnel. In a huge crowd. What the actual fuck?

Normally, all that stupidity and impoliteness is just a minor inconvenience. Today it got close to unbearable. And it made me wonder: if our society has problems with such basic rules of coexistence, how are we gonna face the challenges of the future? Are we screwed?