The Homophobia Illusion

Don’t get me wrong – of course homophobia is a serious problem, and of course I constantly support the fight against any form of discrimination. But guys, please, stop seeing it everywhere!

Let’s say you want to hire a programmer and you reject one of the candidates simply because they’re on a wheelchair – that’s just wrong, that’s ablism. But let’s say you want to hire a commercial jet pilot and you reject a disabled person for that job – well, in this case it’s just safety concerns. For such a job, perfect eyesight and freedom of movement are logical requirements.

Let’s say you want to eat a meal at a restaurant, buy they don’t serve you just because you’re gay – that’s outrageous! Eating there has nothing to do with your sexuality, how dare they even bring it up. But let’s say a straight, male escort doesn’t want to sleep with you, and says it’s because you’re a guy. It’s obviously not a discrimination in any way! (Of course, it a gay escort doesn’t want to sleep with you, it’s his right as well, but that’s a separate topic.)

Now, there’s been a bit of noise about Vivica Fox not allowing gay guys to watch her stripper revue. What the fuck? Guys, it’s that simple: if you’re selling sex, in any form, then the gender and the sexual orientation of your staff and your clients really matters for your business. You can ask about it, you can makes choices based on it.

If it were a factory, a lawyer’s office, a fire station, or whatever, then stay away from people’s sexuality. But in a stripper show? Really?

Nobody seems to be concerned that she only hired black guys for the “Black Magic”, but somehow we’re angry about her not letting guys into the “ultimate girl’s night out”? Come on!