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The EU is a bureaucratic monster!


“The EU is a bureaucratic monster!”

Well, it should be. It manages to connect 28 really different countries, with different legal orders, different economies, using 24 official languages and 11 currencies; plus a couple of loosely related countries (Norway, Switzerland, Vatican etc.); plus a shitload of dependent territories. What it does is amazing!

How else would you like to join all of those countries and territories, minding all the complicated relations and conflicts of interests, if not by having a massive bureaucracy? You need something bigger than a shovel, if you want to build a skyscraper!

Not only did the EU manage to somehow overcome those differences, but for the first time in history it brought peace to Europe for such a long time. Instead of resolving conflicts with bloodshed, we finally do it with diplomacy, negotiations and compromise.

So, Britain, stop being so cocky, bossy and possessive. You’re not too good for the EU, you’re not as special as you think. Your colonial approach to foreign policy is hurtful and obsolete. You don’t always have to rule. Start being humble, a part of something bigger and better. Appreciate what EU does for you and all the other Europeans.



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