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Sehr geehrte Frau Merkel


The Chancellor of Germany has given an interview recently, where she managed to fit two sentences that totally contradict each other. What a shame for the Empress of Europe to lack in consistency so much...

I’m someone who is very supportive of us eliminating all discrimination.

and then:

For me, personally, marriage is a man and a woman living together. That is my concept, but I support civil partnerships.

No. If you want people to have different rights depending on their gender or sexual orientation, then you already are discriminating against them based on their gender or sexual orientation. Ex definitione! It’s that simple!

If Lady Chancellor had said “I’m against racism, but marriage is for me between a white man and a white woman”, she would face a barrage of justified criticism – as a racist and as a person that denies her own words. How is that sentence different from the two that she actually has said? The humanity is slowly growing out of racism, while there’s still a lot of work before us regarding the issue of homophobia.

The racism-homophobia analogy is valid. In both cases some group of people are distinguished from the society based on some characteristic they were born with, that doesn’t do any harm to anybody, and that theoretically should have no impact on their lives whatsoever. And those people are deprived of rights that others do have. This is discrimination, without doubt.

In just a couple of weeks I’m finally fulfilling my dream of moving to Germany. I do it mainly because in this country I don’t feel like a second class citizen anymore (even though I’m not even a citizen). In this country I can do such ordinary things as holding hands with my boyfriend, without fear for our health and lives. In this country we always feel safe and accepted. And for that we are really thankful to the German Nation!

But the German government and administration is a different thing. In a number of official forms there are fields like “Eheschließung / Begründung der Lebenspartnerschaft” (“date of marriage / signing civil partnership”)... Ok, so in that case, would a field “date of graduating from school / from nigger education institution” be all right? Yet it’s the same field regardless of race, it’s just names that differ. Nobody should feel worse or offended by that, should they?

Germany is like a Promised Land for me, a land of long-awaited freedom. Frau Merkel, is it really that hard to lay aside your prejudice and obsolete definitions, so that millions of people in your country could get happier? Equal? Treated with respect they deserve?


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