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Please don't be an asshole...

Allah loves equality

Religion is bullshit – that’s a claim I can get behind, defend and back up with solid arguments. However, one has to have some empathy and understanding for people who do believe in it.

Attacking their religion is not the same as attacking them. Sure, many believers are identifying with their faith so strongly that they can’t really see that distinction clearly, but well, what can you do...

For me religion is not a thing people are, but rather a disease they have. Hating cancer and fighting to eradicate it does not mean hating cancer patients, does it?

That girl in the picture above... She’s been mocked on the Internet. Both by believers, who think she’s misinterpreting their faith, and by atheists, who think she’s even more delusional than “regular” Muslims.

It’s easy to mock her, yes. But honestly, growing up indoctrinated by religion and then realising you’re gay, is just fucking hard. Try to understand that.

Everyone copes as they can. I managed to free myself from religion, but not everybody can. Imagine you have been told since you were a toddler that there’s some eternal fire or whatever waiting for you if you don’t obey. It’s something you hear every day and every night, from a very young age, from the people you trust and love. You’re being told that being gay is a sin, you’re being threatened with severe punishment, if you follow your nature. It’s scary, it’s not true, it’s child abuse – but it happens and we can’t ignore it.

I’ve been there myself. I’ve stretched the interpretation of the Bible to the limits, to turn god into a guy that I wanted to believe in...

Life without gods or fairy tales is amazing, it sets you free, it gives you an outlook on the world that you can never have when your thinking is clouded by religion... But if you can’t let go of your beliefs (yet), stretching them to make your life at least bearable is something I can totally get behind.