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Let Islam in. It will not survive here.


I’ve had enough of hearing the alarmists who scare people that “if we let Islam into Europe, they will breed like rabbits, outnumber us and in 30 years will impose the sharia law on us”. Not only because such prophecies are generally followed by a stream of racist and islamophobic slurs. Also because it simply makes no sense.

We are scared of how Islam might potentially negatively influence our Western society, but do we ever wonder, how the Western society might might potentially positively influence Islamic world?

Religions are slowly dying out. It happens thanks to increased awareness of the society, thanks to education, emancipation of women, equal right for sexual minorities, separation of churches and states...

So, in which environment would Islam die out faster – in a country, where Muslims are only surrounded by each other, restricted by sharia law, deprived of women rights etc., or in a country where they will get exposed to a different culture, where they can get a taste of human rights, equality, secularism? A child born in Saudi Arabia, who sees solely Islam both at home and at school, who is threatened with death for apostasy – has poor chances to escape the snares of religion. But a child, who sees Islam at home, but learns tolerance and western values at school, who is protected by a secular law and a secular police, if their family wanted to harm them? Getting out of the religion trap is incomparably easier for them!

From that perspective accepting immigrants from the Arab countries seems to lead to destruction of Islam rather than its expansion, doesn’t it? Locking Muslims up in their countries of birth and being glad that they’re far away, doesn’t actually solve any problems, does it?

If most of us wants the same thing – eradication of Islam as a religion (and not Muslim people, you asshole), let us rethink that: will a religion, any religion, die out faster in a secular country or in a confessional state?


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